Healthy Community

Principle: Healthy Community

A Healthy Com­mu­ni­ty rec­og­nizes and address­es pub­lic health and safe­ty needs through the pro­vi­sion of recre­ation­al oppor­tu­ni­ties, health­care and social ser­vices to its res­i­dents. As a Healthy Com­mu­ni­ty, the Town of New Cas­tle pro­vides ser­vices and pro­grams to improve the health of res­i­dents and that facil­i­tate res­i­dent safe­ty both in times of nor­mal­cy and emer­gency. Poli­cies estab­lished in this chap­ter will strength­en these pro­vi­sions and help the Town nav­i­gate obsta­cles to ensur­ing pub­lic health and safety.

Open Space and Recreation