Improve road safety

Goal 39. Improve road safety

Road improve­ments should be made at inter­sec­tions and cross­ings that have shown high fre­quen­cy of inci­dents. Improve­ments should con­sid­er not only vehic­u­lar safe­ty, but pedes­tri­an and cyclist safe­ty as well. Com­plete Street ele­ments should always be con­sid­ered when mak­ing road­way safe­ty improve­ments. To ensure the safe­ty of vehi­cles at the high­ly traf­ficked Saw Mill Riv­er Park­way entrance at Roar­ing Brook Road, the Town should pur­sue the devel­op­ment of a bridge over the MTA Rail­road Cross­ing and the Parkway.

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