Promote general public safety

Goal 40. Promote general public safety

Design ele­ments that reduce injuries and improve pub­lic safe­ty should be includ­ed in street, build­ing, and land­scape cap­i­tal improve­ments. Pub­lic employ­ees and first respon­ders should be ade­quate­ly trained for han­dling and respond­ing to inci­dences of vio­lence such as bomb threats and shoot­ings. Edu­ca­tion mate­ri­als illus­trat­ing best prac­tice” in pub­lic safe­ty behav­ior should be devel­oped and dis­sem­i­nat­ed via mul­ti­ple media out­lets. Final­ly, the Town web­site should be reviewed to ensure emer­gency infor­ma­tion is eas­i­ly and intu­itive­ly accessible.

Related Principle: Healthy Community