Hamlet design guidelines

Action 28.1. Hamlet design guidelines

Devel­op new or revise exist­ing ham­let design guide­lines which pro­mote aes­thet­ic con­ti­nu­ity with­in ham­let areas. Guide­lines should, where appro­pri­ate, uti­lize LEED-ND stan­dards or oth­er sus­tain­able design prac­tices for sig­nage, street frontage, win­dows, awnings, build­ing col­or and mate­ri­als and street architecture.

Related Goal: Enhance the aesthetic quality of the…
  • Action Type: Study and Analysis
  • Classification: Hamlet Revitalization
  • Departmental Weight: High
  • Lead Responsible Party: Development
  • Other Responsible Parties:

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