Update the Town’s Trail Development Master Plan

Action 35.1. Update the Town’s Trail Development Master Plan

Update the Town’s Trail Devel­op­ment Mas­ter Plan. The plan should iden­ti­fy loca­tions for new bike paths and walk­ways, as well as oppor­tu­ni­ties for bicy­cle park­ing, between nature areas and park­land and the Town’s schools and ham­lets. Con­tin­ue to con­sid­er the devel­op­ment of a trail from Chap­paqua Cross­ing and Gree­ley High School to the Chap­paqua hamlet.

Related Goal: Improve trail and unimproved linkages…
  • Action Type: Study and Analysis
  • Classification: Parks, Trailways and OpenSpace
  • Departmental Weight: High
  • Lead Responsible Party: Recreation and Parks
  • Other Responsible Parties:
    • Development

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