Ensure the sustainability/resiliency of infrastructure

Goal 21. Ensure the sustainability/resiliency of infrastructure

Max­i­miz­ing the effi­cien­cy of infra­struc­ture can help to make infra­struc­ture more resilient. The Town should adopt codes or design stan­dards for new pub­lic infra­struc­ture that will increase ener­gy and water effi­cien­cy, if applic­a­ble. The Town should also devel­op tar­get­ed strate­gies and make spe­cif­ic upgrades to pub­lic infra­struc­ture sys­tems to improve resource effi­cien­cy. In many cas­es, this will mean enhanc­ing data col­lec­tion and mon­i­tor­ing of the infra­struc­ture through the use of smart tech­nol­o­gy (e.g. installing web-enabled sen­sors at crit­i­cal man­holes to con­tin­u­al­ly gage water flow, installing smart water meters). Last­ly, the Town should devel­op train­ing pro­grams for infra­struc­ture oper­a­tors on ener­gy and water effi­cien­cy tech­niques that can be incor­po­rat­ed into their dai­ly activ­i­ties and operations.

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